The autumn came, and we can say that it has fully embraced its rights, nature delighting in its warm yellow, red and orange nuances. I love this season as long as the temperatures do not drop too much, and it is still a pleasure to walk among the leaves of the bramble bathed by the gentle rays of the sun. With rainy and cold days I do not feel well, but I try to be positive even then.

If autumn is long and warm enough, I like to do all sorts of clothing combinations because I can mix both the thin summer clothes and the slightly thicker ones.

One of the trends of this season is double denim. Personally I’m in love with him, because he’s very handy and at the same time pretty versatile and comfortable. We all have a pair of jeans, a skirt, a shirt or a jacket in this material. All we have to do is just carry them together. However, our attention must be directed to matching textures and colors, otherwise our outfit will not be enviable.

This trend allows us to tackle both very simple outfits suitable for a day of work, but also a little more sophisticated, perfect for an outing with the girlfriends. Because I define my style as stylish, sexy, but also with eccentric notes, I chose to wear a pair of broken junk, which I can not untie because I made the cut design, a fringe of jeans with fringes , which I overlaid over a veil blouse and a leather jacket. To have a complete fit, I added the powdery pink bag like a blush and the sandals with a thin hat and the bars that seem to give my feet elegance and suppleness.

Wearing: Jeans – H & M, Geaca – ZARA, Top & Bluza – random store, Sandale – Steve Madden, Geanta – Karl Lagerfeld.

How do you think it is? Do you like the double denim trend? I’m waiting for your comments!