Deși știam că astăzi mai am un mic articol de scris m-am cam lenevit și am dormit puțin mai mult (la mine e dimineata).

 Voi ce faceți? Cum e revenirea după mini-vacanță? Articolul despre Vancouver am tot amânat să îl scriu pentru că aceasta metropolă este cu adevărat o explozie culturală și arhitecturală. Excursia noastră a început prin testarea unui mijloc de transport interesant, skytrain-ul, un fel de combinație între metrou si tramvai. Acesta are o linie proprie suspendată, dar pe porțiuni merge și pe sub pământ. Mi s-a parut foarte tare faptul că nu îl conduce o persona, ci este doar monitorizat și practic merge „singur”.

The first stop was Canada Place where we could admire the ocean, the cruise ships, the airplanes that took off from the port and the Olympic flame.

Then we went to explore Gastown , where souvenir shops (here you can find absolutely anything with their famous maple leaf) are at home and of course the steam clock. Gastown is, in my opinion, the place where the old one meets the new one. If here, you were building muscular fever on the throat on the buildings, everything was here on the ground, the buildings had an old architecture and they were not very high. Water Street is full of flowers and trees, and the roadside pillars carry you in other times.

I was very impressed by the glass-sky clouds from which I could no longer take my eyes, but also because I am a very diverse people. I think I heard 80% of all the languages ​​of the earth that day. One more thing I liked was the fortitude and the fact that this city is full of life and personality. If you have the opportunity, this city really deserves to be visited.

Your puppy, Andreea Finyak!